GeoMeG: Description

The general goal of the project is to study Lie groups equipped with arbitrary distance functions and to develop an adapted geometric measure theory in the non-Riemannian settings.

The main focus is subRiemannian geometry, together with implications to control systems and nilpotent groups. SubRiemannian spaces, and especially Carnot groups, appear in various areas of mathematics, such as control theory, harmonic and complex analysis, subelliptic PDE's and geometric group theory.

The members of the team master methods coming from geometric measure theory, geometric analysis, and group theory; in particular, analysis on metric spaces and Lie group theory.

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Principal Investigator

Enrico Le Donne

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Thibaut Dumont
Francesca Tripaldi

Ph.D. Students

Fares Essebei
Valerio Gianella
Eero Hakavuori
Ville Kivioja
Terhi Moisala
Sebastiano Nicolussi Golo

Scientific Collaborators and Experts in the Field

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Jyväskylä Geometry Seminar

The Jyväskylä Geometry seminar is on Mondays afternoons
in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
The meeting is usually from 14:15 to 16:00 in room MaD 380.

Please, check in advance the calendar below.

Fall 2017

 25/September/2017 Higher rank hyperbolicity in spaces of non-positive curvature
       (MaD 380)
Urs Lang (ETH)  

The large scale geometry of Gromov hyperbolic metric spaces exhibits many distinctive features, such as the stability of quasi-geodesics (the Morse Lemma), the linear isoperimetric filling inequality for 1-cycles, the visibility property, and the homeomorphism between visual boundaries induced by a quasi-isometry. After briefly reviewing these properties, I will describe a number of closely analogous results for spaces of rank n > 1 in an asymptotic sense, under some weak assumptions reminiscent of non-positive curvature. A central role is played by a suitable notion of n-dimensional quasi-minimizing surfaces of polynomial growth of order n, which serve as a substitute for quasi-geodesics.
 9/October/2017 TBA
       (MaD 380)
 16/October/2017 TBA
       (MaD 380)
Moritz Gruber (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)  
 23/October/2017 TBA
       (MaD 380)
 15/January/2018 TBA
       (MaD 380)
 22/January/2018 TBA
       (MaD 380)

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Open Positions

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Prof. Enrico Le Donne