Seminars 2019

       (*MaD 302*)
Terhi Moisala (University of Jyvaskyla)  

I will introduce a class of spaces that can be seen as an infinite-dimensional analogue for Carnot groups. These spaces cover classical, finite-dimensional Carnot groups as well as separable Banach spaces. I will also present a version of Rademacher's theorem for Lipschitz functions with infinite-dimensional Carnot group domains and give examples of noncommuting infinite-dimensional spaces in which our theorem can be applied. This is joint work with Enrico Le Donne and Sean Li.
 21/January/2019 On BV Functions and Integration by Parts Formulæ in Metric Measure Spaces
       (MaD 380)
Vito Buffa (Aalto University)  

We give a characterization of BV functions in metric measure spaces making use of suitable vector fields. This constitutes the starting point for a discussion on Gauss-Green Formulæ featuring the normal traces of divergence-measure vector fields, and for new results on the traces of BV functions. Based on joint works with G. E. Comi and M. Miranda Jr.
 3/June/2019 TBA
       (MaD 380)
David Fisher (Indiana University Bloomington)  
 10/June/2019 TBA
       (MaD 380)
David Freeman (University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College)