Invited Speakers

Andrei Agrachev
Ugo Boscain *
Emmanuel Breuillard *
Luca Capogna *
Michael Cowling
Marianna Csornyei *
Sylvester Eriksson-Bique
Katrin Fässler
Luis Guijarro
Jesus Jaramillo
Sean Li
Andrea Malchiodi
Daniele Morbidelli
Alessandro Ottazzi
Pierre Pansu
Ludovic Rifford
Luca Rizzi
Emmanuel Trelat
Jeremy Tyson
Laura Venieri
Ben Warhurst

*not confirmed yet

Other participants

Sebastiano Don
Thibaut Dumont
Fares Essebei
Augusto Gerolin
Eero Hakavuori
Ville Kivioja
Pekka Koskela
Enrico Le Donne
Pertti Mattila
Terhi Moisala
Sebastiano Nicolussi Golo
Tapio Rajala
Francesca Tripaldi

Workshop Program

The workshop stars on Monday, 19th February and ends on Friday, 23th February in the afternoon.

On 15th-16th February, we organize a school on Sub-Riemanian Geometry
to introduce graduate students to the main topics of the Workshop.

The final program and abstracts will be available in January 2018.

Location and Contact

The meeting will take place at Agora building (see map below) Room XXXX.

A limited support for covering travel and accomodation expenses of Ph.D. students and young resarchers are available upon request.

To submit an application or for general enquires, please write to: